Lisa Cieslik - Biography

1955 - born in Cologne, German
1979 - visit to Art Schools in Cologne and Düsseldorf

1980 - action-painting
- visiting the class of Daniel Spoerri, excursions with students to France
- Documenta Kassel: 'Dirndl und Fernrohr', happening in Kassel

1983 - action and installation with Minus Delta T, Institute of Modern Art (BKK Bangkok, Thailand)
- establishing PAAPAE (Projekt Archiv Asia and Project Archiv Europe
- audience with the princess of Thailand at the Institute of Modern Art, Bangkok
- 'Wandblau', happening at the NL-center, Amsterdam, Netherlands
- concert with Paidelt Noidelt at Markthallen Hamburg, Germany

1984 - Yoko Ono Piano drop, performance with Al Hansen, Stollwerck, Cologne, Germany

1985 - three hundred faces: room installation
- 'yellow' exhibition, Stollwerck Cologne
- journey to USA

1986 - 'mask wall' at Gallery Gracie Mansion, N.Y., USA with Al Hansen
- exhibition with Stephan Runge, Grafenhalle, Düsseldorf
- 2x12x7 mask installation at performance museum Rosanna Chies, Reggio Emilia
- 'Tourist' happening, Biennale Venice
- Gallery Hundertmark, Cologne: Who killed Andy Warhol, happening with Al Hansen

1987 - exhibition 'masque d'artistes', salon de la Malmaison, Cannes, France
- foundatiion of the Art School 'Ulimate Akademie' with Al Hansen in Cologne
- 'how to see NeoGeo' at the exhibition Medienmafia, Düsseldorf

1988 - 'business' installation and performance, Jeune Peinture 39e, Salon Palais, Paris, France
- 'documenta banana', installation and performance, Ultimate Akademie, Cologne
- various exhibition at the Ultimate Akademie, Cologne

1989 - InterArt, group exhibition in Moskau, Russia
- 17.06.1989, Birth of my son Jean Louis

1990 -'Versammlung Ludwig', performance at Museum Ludwig, Cologne
- 'continent', performance at Totentanz Basel, Switzerland
- '...ismus, Konsumismus', installation and happening, Frauenmuseum Bonn

1991 - Konsum Realismus, installation and happening, this is the world of...., Frauenmuseum Bonn

1992 - Konsum Realismus, happening at the Artothek, Bonner Kunstverein
- Konsum Realismus... is Lisa Cieslik Konsum Realismus... ist to think about,
Quantenpool Cologne in Cooperation with Piazza Virtuale TV-Project, Dokumenta IX, Moltkerei Cologne

1993 - 'Postmoderne', stamp edition, five years Ultimate Akademie, Cologne

1994 - 'connexion', exhibition with Al Hansen
- 'the intergalactic world brain', Gallery 68elf, Cologne
- 'Blue Fighter', exhibition at the ministry of traffic, Bonn

1995 - 'celebration war', performance and happening with Al Hansen
- 19.6.1995 Death of my friend Al Hansen

1996 - 'hommage to Al Hansen', installation at Stadtmuseum Cologne
- 'performance à la carte' with Ben Patterson, Cologne
- performance at Akt 1 (international artists from 15 different countries) happening at Deutzer Werft, Cologne

1997 - ten years Ultimate Akademie: 'Marks&Spencers Indian take away' performance at Chaos Gallery, Cologne
- 'First Performance Conference of Asia'
- Aktion/Installation 'Konsum Realismus', Silpakorn University, Bangkok and 'Social Installation', Faculty of Fine Arts,
Chiang Mai, Thailand
- 'Augen-Blicke', group exhibition, poster action Art Optica, Cologne
- Kop Khum Kha/Krap, group exhibition, Gallery 68elf, Cologne
- 'Konsum fighter's', 10 Years Artaction, Eins von Hundert, Du-Mont-Kunsthalle, Cologne
- 2.10.1998 birht of my daughter Maya
- 'China Wall' performance exhibition
- 'Kratzen am Mythos', Galerie Wallpodenstr. Mainz

2000 - Long-Performance Nigth with Ultimate Akademie, Offenbach
- Art Szene Cologne, Group Exhibition at Ludwig Museum Cologne
- 'Continents', Edition, Klaus Staeck Art Cologne

2001 - 'Heaven and Earth', The Starving Artist's cook book / video from Paul Lammare & Melissa Wolf, Galerie Rachel Haferkamp, Cologne
- 'Suitcase - Performance', Takako Saito 'you and me shop', Düsseldorf

2002 - „Fountain“, Edition at Staeck-Edition, Art Cologne

2003 - „Persia“, persian window-installation, Orientshop Cologne at Ferry Habibi
- „Nichts gesehen, nichts gewußt, nichts gesag, nichts gehört“, Edition -
„Klaus §mantel“, Artist-house, Cologne

2004 - Death of my mother Luise Cieslik
- „It tells you what to do“, beginning of a book
- „Operation U“, installation Artist-house, Cologne

2005 - „Der Räuber isst (ißt) Räuberfleisch“, sculpture F22 and 6 collages, exhibition, Kunstwerk Deutz, Cologne
- „Recharged“, Exhibition for my dead friend Al Hansen, 10 years t, Editon „La Bon Vie Drive“, Galerie Rachel Haferkamp
- „50 years“, Insatllation at Artist-house, Cologne

2006 - „Labyrinth“, Installation at Kolbhalle, curated by Markus Krips, Cologne
- „Dreams“, Installation at Artist House